Your security
is our priority

Here are the measures we have put in place to keep your account, data and money safe on Bitstack.

The security of
your data

We strictly adhere to the GDPR guidelines & CNIL rules. Our privacy policy as well as all the rules concerning your personal data were written by our law firm, leader on this subject.

Access to your data is only granted upon your request and consent.

Our servers are located in the heart of the European Union, in Belgium. The site is secured 24 hours a day.

All your data is encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm and secured via the TLS protocol. This means that all communications between our databases and your devices are perfectly secure.

We do not (and will never) sell your data. It does not leave your Bitstack account (unless you agree).

Our platform is regularly audited by IT security experts.

The security of
your money

Your funds are protected from cyberattacks, internal collusion and human error by a multi-signature key scheme. Multiple keys protects against single machine compromise or single key losses.

Multiple keys eliminate the single point of compromise for both external hackers and Bitstack employees because the private key is never concentrated on a single device at any given time.

Bitstack's policy engine allows us to set up specific approval policies for each transaction. The policy engine allows us to configure a list of rules that affect how transactions are processed and approved.

No fractional reserve. Your money is your money and we have no intention or desire to use these funds in any way. Your funds are transferred or used only upon your approval.