Opening up Bitcoin savings to everyone. The time has come.

the context

You can't buy a house with your savings account

This sentence is heard so often, yet it illustrates the paradox we have arrived at. People are saving massively, even though traditional savings no longer allow them to finance their life goals.

Why have savings lost their value? Because the current economy is fueled by monetary policies that continue to accelerate inflation, resulting in higher prices.

We are working harder to save more with our purchasing power constantly decreasing.

In short, the reserves we are struggling to build are losing value over time, rather than gaining value.

We created Bitstack to offer an alternative that makes it easy to create solid, healthy capital that can fund real life goals.

With Bitstack, your savings build themselves, in Bitcoin.

Automatic savings

To eliminate the effort

Bitstack only keeps the good stuff: the money that accumulates.

In Bitcoin

To be protected

A limited amount of 21 million Bitcoins, a rare, secure, self-developing asset, available to all.

Bitcoin is an unparalleled financial alternative: a secure store of value that is not influenced by inflation.

Bitcoin is the best performing asset of the last 10 years.

Regardless of one's profession, social background or age, Bitcoin offers the opportunity to participate in a financial system where the playing field is level for everyone.

As the number of users grows, the value per coin increases.


These values guide

all our choices

The user comes first

Everything we do is with you in mind

Bitcoin is for everyone

Let's democratize the freedom it offers

Take control of your money

Financial sovereignty is the key to everything

Everything must be clear

Be transparent with our users and partners


We want it to be a reflex to have automatic Bitcoin savings like this one.

Democratizing access to Bitcoin is key to wealth creation and economic freedom. Bitstack was founded to allow everyone to take control of their money.

Alexandre & Kabir — Cofounders

They support us

Investment funds

Angel Investors

The topic of crypto savings is complex but very promising. Alexandre and Kabir impressed us with their vision, their mastery of technology and their ability to execute.
Germain Gaschet,
Cofounder at Sharptsone Capital
Bitstack is the most convenient and reliable way to invest in Bitcoin and transform your sleeping savings into productive assets. It is my first recommendation to newcomers.
Alexandre Stachtchenko,
Director at KPMG France
Bitstack is opening the doors of the crypto-world to my Mom & my Grandma. With this company, everyone can now start a simple, fast and purposeful journey with crypto. Painless experience, optimal Investment.
Arthur Perticoz,
CEO of Majelan
Bank card issuers who offer a cash back program in cryptos see their volumes increase by 30% per month according to Visa. Bitstack is right on time.
Damien Guermonprez,
Executive Chairman of Lemonway
I was very enthusiastic after my first meeting with Alexandre, it immediately convinced me that it was the right team to address this subject. Bitcoins have become an essential financial product, it's the perfect timing.
Romain Libeau,
CPO at Swile
Alexandre will be the magician of the Millenials wallet.
Jerome Tricault,
Bitstack is an easy-to-use solution that capitalizes on the intersection of two global trends: increases in household savings rate and the transition to a Bitcoin as the leading reserve currency. We believe that crypto offers a path to a better financial system and that Alexandre and Kabir have the drive and experience to onboard people at scale.
Davis Auksmuksts,
Ventures Associate at Plug and Play Tech Center

This is just the beginning.

Join our team to write the next part of history with us.